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8 beat Space's Privacy Policy

Where possible, 8 beat Space will not collect data without permission, and all personally identifiable data collected will be used solely to improve the site and will be deleted within thirty days. Data collected automatically is limited to IP addresses, web browser 'user agents' (used to distinguish different kinds of web browsers and bots), and logs of individual requests.


Some cookies are stored on your device by the site, but they are used solely to keep user preferences or secure the site and are not stored on any servers operated by the site. None of the cookies are personally identifiable.

Cookie NamePurpose
sessionidContains settings you have chosen (eg. list sorting order)
nojsnotice_dismissedCreated when the banner displayed to users with JavaScript disabled is dismissed
cookienotice_dismissedCreated when the banner about cookie usage (only shown to users in EU countries) is dismissed
csrftokenProtects forms on the site from unauthorised requests
__cfduidUsed by Cloudflare to adjust security settings



While 8 beat Space does not share usage data with any tracking or advertising companies, third parties involved in the site's hosting may have access to some information about users. These services are configured to honour the retention period for personally identifiable data as stated above. For more information please consult the policies published by these services.

Company NamePurpose
CloudflareProvides 'CDN' service which ensures the site will load quickly for all users
FlyProvides server hosting
New RelicUsed for logging and to monitor server health and load
BackblazeProvides hosting for images



This policy may be updated to reflect changes made to the site without notifying users.